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LIHEAP: Fighting Poverty in Maine

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Maine Utilities

Low-Income Assistance Program (LIAP)
Maine’s transmission and distribution utilities are required to create or maintain a LIAP to make electric bills more affordable for LIHEAP-eligible customers. The Maine State Housing Authority administers, implements and coordinates the statewide plan and the individual LIAPs in conjunction with its delivery of LIHEAP. The fund amounts to approximately $5.7 million yearly. Visit for more information or contact Kyme Ference with the Community Action Program Agency at 207-626-4684 with questions.

Bangor Hydro Electric
LIHEAP-eligible customers may qualify for a rate discount. Depending on income, the percentage of the discount will vary based on kWh usage. Contact local CAP agency.

Emergency Assistance Program: limited to AFDC families, or families with children under the age of 18, who may be eligible for AFDC. One of the program’s functions is to assist families in paying past due energy-related costs in order to avoid being shut-off. Visit or call 1-800-499-6600 and 947-2414 for more information.

Central Maine Power
Electricity Lifeline Program: Offers qualified low-income customers a credit on their electric bill. This credit is based on household income and estimated electricity usage and is applied to your bill for the same amount each month, up to 12 months.  For more information, see our fact sheet , call
1-800-750-4000, or visit .

Maine Public Service Co.
PowerPact: LIHEAP-eligible customers who keep current with bill payments November – March may receive a credit up to $220 in June. Aroostook County Action Program determines eligibility, call: Presque Isle 768-3053; Houlton 532-5311; Fort Kent 834-5135 or 1-800-585-3053. For more information about the program, call the Customer Service Department at MPSC: 1-877-655-4448 or 207-760-2300 or visit

Low Income Refrigerator Replacement
A collaborative effort involving Efficiency Maine, the Maine State Housing Authority and the state’s Community Action Programs. The program replaces inefficient refrigerators and installs energy efficient lighting in the homes of qualified low-income consumers. Families or individuals that have incomes at or below 150% of federal poverty guidelines or incomes at or below 170% of federal poverty, if that household has an elderly member or a child under 24 months, may be eligible for the program. Community Action Programs deliver the services. Call 207-287-8350 or visit for more information.

Central Maine Power
Low-Income Energy Management Program: Electric water heater and pipe insulation and water conservation measures. Call 1-800-750-4000 for more information or visit