What People Are Saying

The campaign for home energy assistance partnered with the national fuel funds network to collect stories and information from LIHEAP supporters in an effort to help congress and the administration understand the impact that LIHEAP is having across the country, and what a decrease in LIHEAP funding would mean for its recipients.

Here are a few of those stories from across the country:

  • “Access to LIHEAP assistance gives clients more freedom to pay for other necessities. In its absence, clients in need would be in worse situations, as heating and electric costs increase every year. While LIHEAP assistance doesn’t cover the entire cost of the heating season, the grant impacts each client very positively. It is a necessary fund to ensure heat here to the residents of Rhode Island.”
    – Stephanie DiTusa, Tri-Town CAP, Johnston, RI
  • “Funding for LIHEAP has helped many of my clients continue to have heat in the winter. There are several cases of people who often have to choose between paying their utilities and purchasing food. If they are able to get some assistance, then it makes a world of difference!”
    – Sarah Manriquez, Kansas City, KS
  • “It’s the difference of families having heat and electric or having none. It’s the difference of eating or not eating, buying medicine or not buying medicine. This funding helps so many people that would not and could not have heat if it weren’t for this program.”
    – Carla Brewer, Don Bosco Family Support Center, Kansas City, MO
  • “Cuts to LIHEAP would effect low to moderate-income families in Central Missouri ability to meet their basic needs of safe housing. High unemployment and increasing energy costs are a reality facing the families served through our agency. LIHEAP services provides peace of mind for families, even if just for a short time, and allows families in need the break they need to focus on other needs including food, clothing, housing as well as an opportunity to focus on employment training and searching, education, and daily life.”
    – Angela Hirsch, Central Missouri Community Action, Columbia, MO
  • “We have a large population that are just borderline. They are the working poor. With more funding perhaps we can change our guidelines to include a larger group of income levels. Without LIHEAP, we have people who would freeze and/or who would go without needed medications in order to try to keep heat in their homes. Others would not eat in order to try to keep heat in their homes. Families would fall apart because the kids would need to be kept warm even if it meant living in foster care.”
    – Mary C. Heilman, AEOA, Virginia, MN
  • “A vast number of families in Moniteau County have struggled for many years to become self-sustaining and economically stable. With assistance from LIHEAP funds, not only are they able to pay off other outstanding debts that are holding them back, but the stress level within the family is greatly reduced.”
    – Emily Altheuser, CMCA – Moniteau County, California, MO

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