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If you need help finding local energy assistance resources, call the National Energy Assistance Referral hotline toll-free at 1-866-674-6327 or email (TTY 1-866-367-6228)

The NEAR hotline is maintained by the LIHEAP Clearinghouse, a program of the US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families. It is not affiliated with the Campaign for Home Energy Assistance.



LIHEAP: Fighting Poverty in Missouri

LIHEAP FY 2014 Funding

LIHEAP Income Eligibility Level
135% Federal Poverty Level


LIHEAP FY 2013 Benefit
Heating: $450 maximum

LIHEAP Households Served
(Estimate for FY 2013)

LIHEAP Program Dates
Heating: November 1 – March 31
(starts October 1 for seniors and disabled)
Cooling: June 1 – September 30
Crisis: Year-round


Missouri Utilities with Low-Income Rate Assistance

Ameren Missouri
Keeping Current: Eligible customers (up to 135% of poverty) will receive credits on their bills during the heating and/or cooling season if they remain current with payments. Selected energy-assistance organizations that distribute Dollar More funds will also help determine which customers qualify to enroll in “Keeping Current.” Customers interested in this assistance should contact a Dollar More agency for information at 800-552-7583 or call the United Way of Greater Missouri at 800-427-4626.
Military Family Assistance: Members of all branches of the military living in Ameren Missouri’s service territory may qualify for a $500 energy credit on their utility bills. To determine eligibility, military personnel or family members should contact the Missouri National Guard Family Program Office at 573-638-9500 ext. 7681.


Empire District Electric Company
Empire’s Action to Support the Elderly (EASE): Provides late fee and deposit waivers for elderly (age 60 and older) and handicapped customers. Call 417-624-0300 or 1-800-206-2300.


Kansas City Power & Light
Economic Relief Program: This program provides a monthly credit of $50 to individuals and seniors who qualify. For more information, contact the local Salvation Army at (877) 566-2769, Ext. 416.


Independence Power & Light Department
Independence Rate Assistance Program (IRAP)Qualified elderly, 60 years or older, or disabled customers pay 50% of the electric charges on their bill. Contact the Community Services League at 816-254-4100.

Missouri Utilities with Low-Income Energy Efficiency Resources

Ameren Missouri
Ameren Missouri provides funding for weatherization for its customers. Contact your local community action agency to find out if you are eligible for weatherization.
Operation Weather Survival (OWS): A coalition of St. Louis city and county agencies, utilities, social service agencies and health organizations meet regularly to address the needs of those most vulnerable in severe weather — typically the elderly and the low income. Ameren Missouri provides air conditioning units and minor weatherization under the auspice of OWS. Call 314-535-7607


Community Services League
Offers assistance to qualified people, including senior citizens, who want to make such home improvements as adding weather stripping around doors and windows, adding insulation, etc. Call 816-254-4100.


Laclede Gas Company
EnergySmart – Customer Education Program: Offers free workshops on energy conservation for small groups of low-income customers through government agencies, civic organizations and churches. Laclede will conduct workshops, supply informational materials and answer questions. Call 314-342-0675


Missouri Public Service (MPS)
Low-income weatherization funding is distributed to community action agencies in the MPS territory. Eligibility: at least 125% of poverty level with either site-built or mobile home. Measures include: compact fluorescent lights; tank and pipe wrap; low-flow showerheads; kitchen aerators; attic, wall, and floor insulation; and duct repair. All work will be contracted out through low-income agencies.

Green Hills CAA, Trenton, 660-359-3907
Dept. of Housing and Community Development Kansas City, 816-513-3015
Missouri Valley CAA, Marshall, 660-886-7476
West Central Missouri CAA, Appleton City, 1-660-476-2185
816-467-3254 or 1-888-567-0799 for more information


State utility resource information provided by the LIHEAP Clearinghouse, a service of the U.S. Department of Heath and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.


State LIHEAP Contacts

Public Inquiries: 573-751-6789

LIHEAP Administering Agency Contacts
Local Administering Agency Contacts

Weatherization Assistance Program
Local Administering Agency Contacts

Missouri Delegation

District 1 – Lacy Clay Jr. (D)
District 2 – Ann Wagner (R)
District 3 – Blaine Luetkemeyer (R)
District 4 – Vicky Hartzler (R)
District 5 – Emanuel Cleaver II (D)
District 6 – Sam Graves (R)
District 7 – Billy Long (R)
District 8 – Jason Smith (R)
Roy Blunt (R)
Claire McCaskill (D)

Missouri State Plan

2014 abbreviated State Plan


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