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If you need help finding local energy assistance resources, call the National Energy Assistance Referral hotline toll-free at 1-866-674-6327 or email (TTY 1-866-367-6228)

The NEAR hotline is maintained by the LIHEAP Clearinghouse, a program of the US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families. It is not affiliated with the Campaign for Home Energy Assistance.


West Virginia

LIHEAP: Fighting Poverty in West Virginia


LIHEAP FY 2014 Funding

LIHEAP Income Eligibility Level
130% Federal Poverty Level


LIHEAP FY 2013 Benefit
Heating: $229 average, $500 maximum

LIHEAP Households Served
(Estimate for FY 2013 Heating)


LIHEAP Program Dates
Heating: January 21 – 31



West Virginia Utilities with Low-Income Rate Assistance

All gas and electric utilities offer a reduced rate of 20% from December – April. Eligible customers must receive either SSI, WV WORKS, or Food Stamps AND be 60 years of age or older. Customers must be a recipient of one of these programs during November, December, January, February, and March to get the discount for that month. The discount is a Commission Order, dated March 10, 1984 and is administered by West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR), Office of Family Support. The electric and/or gas company will be responsible for determining your eligibility for the Special Reduced Residential Service Rate. For a list of electric and gas utilities visit the website.


Dominion Hope
Twenty percent discount on gas bill December through April for SSI or Food Stamp recipients who are 60 years of age or older. Each fall eligible customers will receive an application the discount program. Call 1-800-688-4673 or TDD for Hearing Impaired Customers: 711.


Mon Power
20% Discount Program


Potomac Edison
20% Discount Program


West Virginia Utilities with Low-Income Energy Efficiency Resources

Mon Power
Home Check-Up Program: This program is available to homeowners and renters with landlord approval. The specific improvements that you are eligible to receive will be determined during your home energy evaluation. Customers participating in the program:

  • Receive an in-home energy evaluation
  • Work with a trained energy educator to create an energy-savings plan
  • Participants may receive refrigerator testing and possible replacement and energy-saving showerheads, faucet aerators and light bulbs.

No additional payment is required for these installations/services. There are household income requirements. Call to see if you qualify at 1-800-207-1250.


Potomac Edison
Low Income Home Check-Up: This program consists of a home check-up audit along with installation of energy-saving home improvements such as:

  • Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs)
  • Refrigerator testing and possible replacement
  • Energy-saving showerhead
  • Faucet aerators
  • Energy education materials

Specific improvements you are eligible to receive will be determined during your home energy assessment. No payment is required for these installations/services. Residents of rental properties will require their landlord’s permission to participate. Homeowners and renters with incomes at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level and who reside in single family homes or multi-family complexes where occupants have an individual electric bill in their name are eligible for the program. If you think you may qualify or know someone who does, please call 1-800-207-1250 for assistance.


State utility resource information provided by the LIHEAP Clearinghouse, a service of the U.S. Department of Heath and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.


State LIHEAP Contacts

Public Inquiries: 1-800-642-8589

LIHEAP Administering Agency Contacts
List of Contacts

Weatherization Assistance Program
List of Administering Agency Contacts

West Virginia Delegation

District 1 – David McKinley (R)
District 2 – Shelley Moore Capito (R)
District 3 – Nick Rahall (D)
Joe Manchin III (D)
John D. Rockefeller IV (D)

West Virginia State Plan

2012 abbreviated State Plan


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